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本文摘要:The company disclosed the effort after several cyber security firms reported finding a malicious program dubbed XcodeGhost that was embedded in hundreds of legitimate apps.几家网络安全公司报导称之为,一款取名为“XcodeGhost”的病毒程序被映射苹果应用于商店数百款合法应用于当中,在此之后,苹果公司公


The company disclosed the effort after several cyber security firms reported finding a malicious program dubbed XcodeGhost that was embedded in hundreds of legitimate apps.几家网络安全公司报导称之为,一款取名为“XcodeGhost”的病毒程序被映射苹果应用于商店数百款合法应用于当中,在此之后,苹果公司公开发表了其为移除恶意程序所做到的希望。It is the first reported case of large numbers of malicious software programs making their way past Apples stringent app review process. Prior to this attack, a total of just five malicious apps had ever been found in the App Store, according to cyber security firm Palo Alto Networks Inc.大量恶意软件程序通过了苹果严苛的应用于审核程序,这是有报导的第一例。

据网络安全公司帕洛阿尔托网络公司称之为,在此次攻击之前,苹果应用于商店只找到过五款恶意软件。The hackers embedded the malicious code in these apps by convincing developers of legitimate software to use a tainted, counterfeit version of Apples software for creating iOS and Mac apps, which is known as Xcode, Apple said.苹果公司称之为,黑客通过劝说合法应用于的开发者用于病毒感染的、冒充版本的苹果软件来研发iOS和Mac应用于,以此把恶意代码,也就是Xcode映射到这些应用于当中。

Weve removed the apps from the App Store that we know have been created with this counterfeit software, Apple spokeswoman Christine Monaghan said in an email. We are working with the developers to make sure theyre using the proper version of Xcode to rebuild their apps.“我们早已把那些由冒充软件开发出有的应用于从应用于商店中清理了,” 苹果公司的发言人克里斯汀·莫纳汉在电子邮件中称之为,“我们正在同开发者合作,保证他们用于盗版Xcode新的研发应用于。”She did not say what steps iPhone and iPad users could take to determine whether their devices were infected.但该发言人未透漏iPhone和iPad用户不应采行何种步骤来辨别自己的设备否病毒感染了病毒。

Palo Alto Networks Director of Threat Intelligence Ryan Olson said the malware had limited functionality and his firm had uncovered no examples of data theft or other harm as a result of the attack.帕洛阿尔托网络公司的情报总监雷恩·奥尔森回应,这款恶意软件的功能受限,他的公司还没找到由于这次攻击而导致的用户数据被盗或者是其他伤害。Still, he said it was a pretty big deal because it showed that the App Store could be compromised if hackers infected machines of software developers writing legitimate apps. Other attackers may copy that approach, which is hard to defend against, he said.但是奥尔森称之为这是“十分相当严重的一件事”,因为它指出如果黑客使软件开发者撰写合法应用于的设备病毒感染上病毒,那么苹果应用于商店是缺少抵抗力的。

其他黑客可能会拷贝这一方法,这是很难防卫的。Developers are now a huge target, he said.“应用于开发者如今沦为了黑客攻击的极大目标,”他说道。

Researchers said infected apps included Tencent Holdings Ltds popular mobile chat app WeChat, car-hailing app Didi Kuaidi and a music app from Internet portal NetEase Inc.研究人员称之为,病毒感染病毒的软件还包括控股有限公司十分普及的手机聊天软件微信,微信软件滴滴慢的和一款来自互联网门户网站的音乐软件。The tainted version of Xcode was downloaded from a server in China that developers may have used because it allowed for faster downloads than using Apples US servers, Olson said.奥尔森说道,不受病毒感染版本的Xcode就是指一个中国服务器上iTunes的,开发者之所以用于这个服务器是因为它比苹果美国服务器的下载速度更加慢。

Chinese security firm Qihoo360 Technology Co said on its blog that it had uncovered 344 apps tainted with XcodeGhost.中国网络安全公司奇虎360科技有限公司在其博客中回应,该公司已找到344款受到XcodeGhost病毒感染的应用于。Apple declined to say how many apps it had uncovered.不过苹果方面拒绝接受透漏其找到的不受病毒感染应用于的数量。



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